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Jan 12, 1919:  Cobb's Creek ineligible for GAP, "Trees a great handicap" at Cobb's, "Best Holes of Cobb's Creek Layout Spoiled Because Greens Are Too Shady", GAP, WGAP, Fairmount Park Commission, Gulph Mills, Tredyffrin, Pine Valley.
Jan 19, 1919:  "Pine Valley's Angel Was Grinnell Willis", GAP annual meeting, "Revival Soon to Start", "Cornish Plaque on Display".
Jan 26, 1919:  USGA, St. Andrews, stymie and lost ball rules, Mrs. Vanderbeck, Shawnee.
Feb 2, 1919:  Pinehurst, sand greens.
Feb 9, 1919:  GAP matches, Aronimink, Eddie Styles, Whitemarsh Valley, Donald Ross.
Feb 23, 1919:  Remembering the 1916 National Am semifinal match between Robert Gardner and Jesse Guilford.
Mar 2, 1919:  Llanerch, USGA, WGAP.
Mar 9, 1919:  Philadelphia Country Club, Belmont Golf Association, Aronimink, Harrison Townsend, GAP, Pinehurst.
Mar 23, 1919:  Pine Valley, Merion, Whitemarsh Valley, Pipe and Oakley.
Apr 6, 1919:  Lynnewood Hall Cup, Pinehurst Tin Whistles, Oakmont, Merion, Bogey Club of the Philadelphia Cricket Club.
Apr 13, 1919:  Shawnee, Atlantic City CC.
Apr 20, 1919:  Donald Ross, Torresdale, Overbrook, Anominink, Whitemarsh Valley, Ross interview.
Apr 27, 1919:  Fred Knight golf marathon, Shawnee, more from Donald Ross, Wilfred Reid.
May 11, 1919:  Suburban Cup matches.
May 18, 1919:  Review of upcoming city women's individual championship at St. Martins, Fairmount Park Commissioners vote to allow outdoor sports in the park on Sundays, Cobb's Creek GC, Stenton CC.
May 25, 1919:  Philadelphia Cricket Club, "Mrs. Stetson's Plucky Golf, "Mrs. Barlow a Consistent Golfer".
June 8, 1919:  Junior golf in Philly, GAP dinner match at Merion, Griscom matches, prohibition.
June 15, 1919:  Lynnewood Hall Cup at Huntingdon Valley, junior tourney at North Hills, Wilmington, Bala, prohibition, Fridolyn Cup at Philmont, Jack McDermott.
June 22, 1919:  Lynnewood Hall Cup at Huntingdon Valley, "Newton's Water Shot", "Spectacular Drive by Sharwood".
June 29, 1919:  somehow I must have goofed on the microfilm gathering as this article is the same as June 22, 1919!
July 6, 1919:  Sunnybrook, Donald Ross, Frederick W. Taylor ("Taylor greens"), Samuel Y. Heebner.
July 20, 1919:  Interclub matches.
July 27, 1919:  Rules of golf.
Aug 3, 1919:  Whitemarsh Valley couples tourney, "The Old Affinity Tournaments".
Aug 10, 1919:  Upcoming National Amateur at Oakmont, upcoming Women's National Amateur at Shawnee.
Aug 17, 1919:  Preview of 3-day invitational tourney at Merion, preview of Philadelphia Open at Whitemarsh Valley, "More Open Air Activity" because of prohibition.
Aug 24, 1919:  Review of some matches from 3-day invitational tourney at Merion, "Platt's March to Golf Favor", "Ouimet's Illness Exaggerated", "Evans' Friends Yet Unconvinced".
Aug 31, 1919:  Recap of National Am at Oakmont, "Platt Minus Dozen Pounds", "Hoffner Trounced White Decisively", "Merion Dates to Be Changed", "Maxwell's Strong Medal Game", "Talman Hits Wet Course".
Sept 7, 1919:  Preview of upcoming September tourneys, "Local Golfers Likely for Lesley Cup", "St. Martins Cup Golf".
Sept 14, 1919:  Marcus Greer, J. Wood Platt, George Hoffner, John J. Beadle, "May Have Herron Here Wednesday", North Hills "Lionizing Woodie".
Sept 21, 1919:  John Beadle of Llanerch, "The Whitemarsh Corn and Beans", "Naming Mr. Maxwell", "Geist Cup Renewal".
Sept 28, 1919:  Review of upcoming Women's National Amateur at Shawnee, "Mrs. Barlow Had Good Year", "Miss Caverly's Woods Behaving", "State Title Now Reposes Here" with Pat Grant.
Oct 5, 1919:  Bala celebrates George Hoffner, North Hills celebrates with Woody Platt, and Walter Reynolds by Aronimink, Stenton club champion is seventeen-year-old T. Rodman Hanson, and Donald MacBean the 17-year-old club champ at Old York Road.
Oct 12, 1919:  Recap of Women's National Amateur at Shawnee, winner Miss Alexa Sterling, "The Fatal Jigger", "Locals Made Miss Stirling Work".
Oct 19, 1919:  Mrs. Ronald H. Barlow (and all her tournament wins), H.H. Cornish memorial tourney.
Oct 26, 1919:  Talk of all the big local tournaments for the year.
Nov 2, 1919:  NY/Philly intercity match canceled, proposed "Mixed Matches Would Interest".
Nov 9, 1919:  USGA, R&A, standardization of the golf ball, Schnectady mallet putter, Walter Travis, George Crump, "Enter the Mammoth Caves", "Progress by the Duffer", "Stymie Looks Like a Fixture".
Nov 16, 1919:  More on the effect of prohibition on golf club finances.
Nov 23, 1919:  Golf ball talk, "Not So the Hickory", "Juniors in Spotlight".
Nov 30, 1919:  History of national championship golf in the city, Pine Valley, Whitemarsh Valley.
Dec 14, 1919:  Stenton Country Club, Mt. Airy Country Club, "Stenton Club Grows Rapidly", "New York Golfers Wise".
Dec 21, 1919:  Philmont Country Club, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, Donald Ross.
Dec 28, 1919:  USGA annual meeting, rules of golf.
Jan 11, 1920:  USGA, Western Golf Association, "Oakmont Real Championship Course".
Jan 18, 1920:  Upcoming annual GPA meeting, "Parry in Hallowell's Place", "Why the Small Entry Links", "Just One in Each Club".
Jan 25, 1920:  Locations for local 1920 tourneys, "Stimulating Junior Interest", "Dinner Tournament", "Curtail Amateur Title Play", "Shake-Up in Officers" for WGAP, "Bigger Purse for Pros" in Philadelphia Open.
Feb 1, 1920:  Overbrook Golf Club, Donald Ross, Max Marston, "Home and Home Club Matches", "Two Clubs Leave League".
Feb 8, 1920:  Donald Ross, "The Rise of Mrs. Stetson".
Feb 15, 1920:  All clubs raising dues because of upcoming prohibition, "Two Classes of Members", "The Most Profitable Hole", discussion of upcoming local tourneys in 1920.
Feb 22, 1920:  Average drive length of good players, "Conceding Beaucoup Yards", "The Medal Superstition"
Feb 29, 1920:  Dates of national tourneys, "Our Pros After British Honors", "Suburban Cup Boom", "Midweek Matches Preferred", "Local Teams Rounding Up Players".
Mar 7, 1920:  British pros (Vardon, Ray, Duncan, Mitchell) to tour country, "Pinehurst Play a Harbinger"
Mar 14, 1920:  Upcoming local women's matches/tourneys, "April 20 Real 'Ladies' Day", Philadelphia "Cricket Club's Three Courses", "Won't Leave St. Martin's".
Mar 21, 1920:  Babe Ruth and long drives, preview of upcoming tourney at Atlantic City, "Shift British Women's Title Dates", "Tredyffrin in Suburban League", "Four New Ones at Pine Valley".
Mar 28, 1920:  Guest green fees, "No Tax on Green Fees", four new holes at Pine Valley ("Lots of Carry to 14th" and "Grass the Problem"), "The Invasion of Ireland" by American women players.
Apr 4, 1920:  Men's Suburban Cup matches, "Add Labors of Hercules", "Hugh Willoughby's Comeback", "George Hoffner's Prospects".
Apr 11, 1920:  Popularity of golf at local clubs, "The Golf Porker" (pace of play), etiquette.
Apr 18, 1920:  Huntingdon Valley's excellent color schedule, Springhaven's 20 page schedule, cost of golf labor, rules questions.
Apr 25, 1920:  Golf rules question, "Rules Under Fire", "Golfers Not Always Wise to Rules".
May 2, 1920:  Suburban Cup matches, "Woodbury Team Well Balanced", "Women Golfers Laugh at Rain".
May 9, 1920:  British women's championship at Royal County Down, "American Women May Fool Britons", "Golf Rules Discussion", "Lost Ball in Match Play", "Standardized Ball".
May 16, 1920:  Women's matches in Philadelphia Cup, men's Suburban Cup matches, women golfers are good sportsmen.
May 23, 1920:  Importance of knowledge of the rules of golf, betting in golf, upcoming open championship of Britain.
May 30, 1920:  Miss May Bell wins women's golf championship of Philadelphia, "New Champion Has Confidence", "Caddie Spoiled Her Card" at earlier Geist Cup, "Year's Record Is Clean"
June 6, 1920:  Max Marston wins Patterson Cup at Philadelphia Cricket Club, thoughts on changing how Suburban Cup series runs.
June 13, 1920:  Mrs. Ronald Barlow wins Eastern women's championship, preview of the upcoming Lynnewood Hall Cup and Wilmington invitation tournament.
June 20, 1920:  Philadelphia women win Griscom Cup, conditioning at Huntingdon Valley, Wilmington Country Club.
June 27, 1920:  Proposed revised stymie rule, discussion of tournament formats.
July 4, 1920:  Walter Hagen's poor performance in the British open championship, archaic rules, review of Pennsylvania State amateur championship.
July 11, 1920:  Interesting match between Max Marston and Woodie Platt (Platt is routed). visitors like reconstructed Aronimink, Donald Ross, plead for junior golf leadership.
July 18, 1920:  Increased players in the junior championshop, J. Franklin Meehan, talk about upcoming Vardon/Ray visit to the area, discussion of Llanerch Country Club.
July 25, 1920:  "Long Jim" Barnes victory at Shawnee, more on upcoming Vardon/Ray tour, prominent area golfer suggests new blood needed in GAP, poor etiquette discussed in recent local tournament.
Aug 8, 1920:  Standardization of the golf ball talk (the Spalding "50"), discussion of low scores by Laurence Ayton of Evanston.
Aug 15, 1920:  More discussion of Vardon and Ray, new golf rules.
Aug 22, 1920:  Golf is now a younger man's game but older fellows can still win, upcoming annual tourney at Bala, local courses for Vardon/Ray matches announced.
Aug 29, 1920:  Starting time logistics at Bala tournament, Philly entrants to upcoming National Amateur at Engineers, father/son event at Springhaven, upcoming tourney at Philly Cricket and Geist Cup at Whitemarsh.
Sept 5, 1920:  Younger golfers have been doing well in recent National Ams, "Local Stars Likely to Qualify" for National Am, "Golf and Tennis Compared".
Sept 12, 1920:  Detailed discussion of the recent National Amateur at Engineers, "Platt Gets Back at Herron", "Tricky Course for Championship".
Sept 19, 1920:  Discussion of Evans beating Ouimet in finals of National Amateur, "Shawnee Course Tests Merit" of Evans, "Ray and Vardon Here This Week" (Aronimink, Huntingdon Valley, and Merion).
Sept 26, 1920:  Review of recent local Vardon/Ray matches, "Might Have Given Platt a Chance", "Galleries Well Behaved".
Oct 3, 1920:  Local women golfers in National Amateur at Mayfield, Max Marston not pleased with invitation response for tourney at Merion (won by J. Wood Platt), discussion of players available Leslie Cup.
Oct 10, 1920:  J. Wood Platt is best local golfer this season, "Marston Early Eliminated", "Jockeying Out of Play in Golf (Metropolitan Golf Association chastised), "Torresdale Course Pleases Golfers".
Oct 17, 1920:  Discussion of the best women golfers in the country, more on J. Wood Platt.
Oct 24, 1920:  Evans' listing of the 10 best men golfers locally (Platt is #1).
Oct 31, 1920:  Evans' listing of the 10 best women golfers locally (Mrs. Clarence H. Vanderbeck is #1). "Gulph Mills Course a Good One".
Nov 7, 1920:  Evans ranks the best 8 male amateurs in the country (Chick Evans is No. 1), "Opinion Divided on Four Places", "Tennis Spoils Girl Golfers".
Nov 14, 1920:  Whitemarsh Valley and Pine Valley as possible upcoming National Amateur sites, a detailed discussion of the holes at Pine Valley.
Nov 21, 1920:  Summer greens versus winter greens, criticism of the Women's National Amateur near Cleveland, Western Golf Association rule changes, USGA rule changes.
Dec 5, 1920:  Critiqueing the USGA, importance of caddying/caddies to the game, criticism of the by-laws of GAP.
Dec 12, 1920:  Financing plan of the Aronimink Country Club, Country Club of Lansdowne discussion, membership costs of local clubs.
Dec 19, 1920:  Discussion of the best golfers in or from our region, "McDermott a Wonderful Golfer", more talk on the Western Golf Association and the USGA, "Title Meets Here Rare".
Jan 2, 1921:  Upcoming annual GAP meeting, preview of big upcoming golf season, more on prohibition effecting golf club finances, McCall Field and William Flynn.
Jan 9, 1921:  Creation of USGA green section, C.V. Piper and R. A. Oakley, "Take Money for Green Committee", "Committees to Exchange Ideas", "Money Wasted in Seeds".
Jan 16, 1921:  Changes to USGA Executive Committee (six members chosen from various sectional organizations), Rule changes ("Stymie Thing of Past"), "To Go After British Titles", "Hard for Our Women Golfers".
Jan 23, 1921:  Changes to format of Philadelphia amateur championship, more on USGA green section, Whitemarsh Valley awarded both men's and women's championships, new handicap system for women,
Jan 30, 1921:  Caddy chatter (cost, selling balls they find, smoking), "Schools Help Caddies", "Caddie a Good Advertiser".
Feb 13, 1921:  Taxing golf dues, upcoming local invitational tournaments, Suburban Cup and women's interclub match chatter.
Feb 20, 1921:  Cost of some local clubs, increased popularity of golf at McCall Field, "Popularity of Cobb's Creek Course", more rules of golf discussion.
Feb 27, 1921:  Philly has four excellent women golfers, "Interclub Tourney in April", "Open Championship" tentatively scheduled at Pine Valley, new watering system at Pine Valley, challenge of Pine Valley.
Mar 6, 1921:  Format of Suburban Cup matches and women's interclub matches.
Mar 13, 1921:  Possible public golf in South Philadelphia (League Island Park), cost to travel to play overseas, "Sport for Every One", "Not Men of Wealth".
Mar 20, 1921:  Rules of match play explained.
Mar 27, 1921:  More on match play rules.
Apr 10, 1921:  Wilfred Reid and municipal golf in Wilmington, more on J. Wood Platt, still more on the rules of golf.
Apr 17, 1921:  More on the origin of the Cobb's Creek GC, More Philly "Municipal Courses Needed", "Women Golfers Start Season".
Apr 24, 1921:  Miss Alexa Stirling in England, "What English Imagine", "Local Professional Group", "Barnes Unquestionably Best",  Philadelphia Team Cup.
May 1, 1921:  The floater golfer discussion (golfer who plays everywhere but does not belong to a club), American team of amateur golfers have left for England, "Life of Champion Not a Happy One".
May 8, 1921:  Golf is a game of dignity (not to be played without a shirt), "Goat Tournament Had Its Day", "Kickers' Handicap", "One-Day Events Popular", a "floater golfer" responds to previous column.
May 15, 1921:  The draw for the upcoming British amateur championship at Hoylake, "Platt Meets Major Boyd".
May 22, 1921:  Draw for American women in British women's championship, "American Year in Sport" (both in golf and tennis), "Evans and Ouimet America's Hopes" for British amateur, "More Honors for Cricket Club".
May 29, 1921:  Discussion of the American golfers lack of success in the British amateur, and format of the event discussed (Bobby Jones refusing to come back unless a 36-hole affair), "Every American Effort Failed", "Every American Effort Failed".
June 12, 1921:  Poor showing of American women in British championship, tournament at 9-hole Country Club of Lansdowne, soon to be played at Lynnewood Hall Cup, Fridolyn Cup, dinner tournament at Merion, discussion of two courses in Chicago (Skokie and South Shore).
June 19, 1921:  Record turnouts in local tourneys, "Worth of Daylight Saving", "Rival Champions May Meet Again" (Miss Leitch and Miss Stirling), Platt back from overseas and talks about experience.
July 3, 1921:  Whitemarsh fetes city champion Lucius Deming, "Better Golfer Always Wins", "Whitemarsh Standardizes Card", "British Golfers Coming", talk about new Tredyffrin Country Club.
July 10, 1921:  "Fine Sportsmanship by Boys" at Philmont junior tourney, "Young Golfer Made of Stern Stuff", praise for organizer J. Franklin Meehan.
July 17, 1921:  Men's interclub matches, "Britons Poor Sportsmen", "Want Change in Cup Match".
July 24, 1921:  Discussion of US Open winner Jim Barnes, "Golf Life of Pro Short", "Golf a Humblin' Game", "Stars Crave Open Title".
Aug 21, 1921:  Interesting rules situation at Aronimink, Philadelphia Golf Club at Cobb's Creek GC, resort golf in New York and New England.
Aug 28, 1921:  After low scores at Western open golf championship in Cleveland the writer wonders if courses out west are too easy, upcoming "State Open Tournament at Merion","Other Sports Besides Baseball".
Sept 25, 1921:  Mrs. Clarence Vanderbeck had very good season even with loss at Mary Thayer Farnum Cup, "Marked Reversal of Form", Marston loses to Ouimet in National Amateur in St. Louis.
Oct 2, 1921:  Chatter about many big tourneys, much about the recent National Amateur, "Guilford's Masterful Golf".
Oct 9, 1921:  Topsy-turvy year in golf, "Even Barnes Falls", "Many Overawed by Stars".
Oct 16, 1921:  The Berthellyn tournament and the very popular Mrs. Caleb Fox, "Fine Field in Cup Tournament",
Oct 23, 1921:  The tough job of a green chairman, "Crab Grass a Pest", recent exhibition match at Tredyffrin CC.
Oct 30, 1921:  Rotary event at Aronimink, "Another Trying Hole" at Aronimink, discussion of Miss Cecil Leitch's game.
Nov 6, 1921:  John Beadle of Cederbrook has solid season even with suspect grip.
Nov 13, 1921:  Talk of upcoming new 18 at Cricket Club, possible expansions for Whitemarsh, Philmont, and Lu Lu, "Need Another Municipal Course", "Other Cities Ahead of Philadelphia".
Nov 20, 1921:  Winter rules now in effect, "All-Year-Round Courses", "Need of Another Municipal Course" as Cobb's Creek is very crowded.
Dec 4, 1921:  Taxes paid by local golf clubs, "Tax Relief Helps Clubs", "Passing of Nine-Hole Courses", Bala looking to expand to 18 holes.
Dec 11, 1921:  Apparel for golfing, "Farewell to Ducks" (duck trousers), lack of popularity of golf among Penn freshmen students.
Dec 18, 1921:  Statistics from the state golf championship played at the east course at Merion.
Jan 22, 1922:  Upcoming local amateur championship at Pine Valley, local open championship at east course at Merion, junior tourney at Torresdale, J. Weston Hibbs of Gulph Mills urges standardized accounting system for clubs, more on Cobb's Creek and the need for another municipal course.
Feb 5, 1922:  Long article on why the need for more municipal golf courses.
Feb 12, 1922:  The problem of handicapping women golfers, "Adopt Western System", "Handicaps Give Satisfaction".
Feb 19, 1922:  Discussion of upcoming Suburban Cup League, "Divisions on Varied Line", "Western Golfers Favor Uniform Code".
Feb 26, 1922:  Golf tournaments in the south, "Industrial Sports Big Problem", miniature course at McCall Field.
Mar 12, 1922:  More discussion on Pine Valley, "Barnes Rates Pine Vally High", many quotes from Barnes concerning Pine Valley, "Holes Linger in Golfers' Mind".
Mar 26, 1922:  Golf so popular nearly all local clubs have wait list for membership, "First Big Event of Year" is local championship at Pine Valley, "Bala Starts Next Month", "Green Valley New in Tournaments".
Apr 9, 1922:  USGA restores the stymie, "Blow at Steel Shafted Clubs".
Apr 16, 1922:  Interclub matches, "Cricket Club Youngsters to Front", discussion of format for upcoming National Amateur at Skokie.
Apr 23, 1922:  High participation in women's interclub matches, "Merion is Hit Hard", "Cricketers Dangerous Factors", "Wallingford Cup Race Close".
Apr 30, 1922:  Local club matches, "Graceful Act by Aronimink".
May 7, 1922:  Invitation tourney at 9-hole course at Bala replaced 9-hole tourney at Belfield, "Interclub Golfers in Tight Race".
May 14, 1922:  Upcoming 2-day tourney at Green Valley CC in Roxborough, "Interclub Race Nears End".
May 21, 1922:  WGAP handicap list out, "Women's Plan Better", "Clubs Aid (U)Pennsylvania".
May 28, 1922:  Women's interclub champ is Country Club, "Country Club Springs Surprise", "Well-Balanced Team Factor".
June 4, 1922:  Local amateur championship at Pine Valley this week, Cobb's Creek players can play if invited by GAP Executive Committee, detailed discussion of the origin and development of Pine Valley, "Hard Test for Golfer", J. Wood Platt current record holder with 72.
July 9, 1922:  Platt won the local amateur championship Pine Valley, Max Marston the Lynnewood Hall Cup, "New Junior Record" for junior golf championship at Torresdale-Frankford CC, J. Franklin Meehan.
July 23, 1922:  Summary of US Open at Skokie won by Gene Sarazen, criticism of Skokie as a golf course, "Whitemarsh Showed Poor Club Spirit".
Aug 13, 1922:  All 18 greens at Bala grown with vegetative propagation of grasses, two new greens at Pine Valley (sixth and ninth) used this process, "Single Plant Valuable", "Numerous Greens Planted".
Aug 27, 1922:  Discussion of favorites for upcoming National Amateur, "Platt Looms as Possibility", favorites for Women's National Amateur, "No Pronounced Favorites".
Sept 3, 1922:  Discussion of the course at Brookline for National Amateur, "Guilford and Oiumet Favored", summary of Public Links tournament in St. Louis, more on restrictions of Cobb's Creek players in some events.
Sept 10, 1922:  Comparison of golf and tennis championships, "Sweetser Outstanding Star".
Sept 17, 1922:  Interview with a greenkeeper that has transitioned to course constructor, "Great Future for Young Men", lessened popularity of exhibition matches.